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Re: Index of channels "wiki"
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Author:  wilsoff [ May 4th, 2010, 12:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Index of channels "wiki"

Any registered user has access to edit this list. Please use the short form URL which you can get by going to the topic and then clicking on the Image next to date posted. I will back up this list occasionally here.

Legal Channels:
AnyTitle Deleter by wilsoff
Comix by Wii Theme Team
Facebook by wilsoff
FCE Ultra GX by Leathl
FCE Ultra GX by wilsoff and Mr_Nick666
Gecko OS by Davi92 & DJSim1
GenPlusGX by CountZero
HomeBrew Browser by Leathl
MPlayerCE by Leathl
MyMenuify by Wii Theme Team
ScummVM by wilsoff and Mr_Nick666
Smashing! by Jose Gallardo
Snes9x GX by Leathl
Super Mario War by Jose Gallardo
TriiForce by symular_syn
USB Loader by Wii Theme Team
UniiLoader by Davi92 & DJSim1
Visual Boy Advance GX by wilsoff
WADder by wiihackerz101
Wii64 by CountZero
Wii Double Down / Blackjack by wilsoff and Mr_Nick666
WiiEarth by wilsoff
WiiFlow by Jiiwah & Oops
WiiFlow by spayrosam
WiiMC by wilsoff
WiiSX by CountZero
WiiXplorer by Leathl
WiiXplorer by NeoRame
WODE by Wii Theme Team

Re-skinned Channels:
BlueMSX-wii by wilsoff
DosBox by diddy81
FCE Ultra GX by NeoRame
FCE Ultra GX by vibestar
Freespace 2 by CountZero
Freespace 2 by Mr_Nick666
C64-network.org by wilsoff
DeSmuME Wii by mastershoes
GenPlus GX by NeoRame
Gmail by JJ-Kwik
Halo by vettacosx
HBC Mod by JJ-Kwik
Homebrew Browser by CountZero
Homebrew Browser by marvin
Hotmail by JJ-Kwik
JzintvWii by mastershoes
MPlayer CE by close2insanity
Quake GX by CountZero
SaveGame Manager GX by hunterm
Space Invaders by homelessbrian
SNEEK by pepxl
Snes9x GX by close2insanity
Snes9x GX by NeoRame
Snes9x GX by vibestar
Snes9x GX by wilsoff
StellaWii by wilsoff
USB Loader GX by NeoRame
USB Loader by wilsoff
Wad Manager by close2insanity
Wii2600 by wilsoff
WiiColEm by Wilsoff
WiiFlow by benjay
WiirtualBoy by mastershoes

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