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Require help booting BATHAXX for the FIRST time...
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Author:  mjjd [ November 14th, 2012, 9:45 am ]
Post subject:  Require help booting BATHAXX for the FIRST time...

Greetings friends!

I shall try to channel my frustration in a constructive and lighthearted manner - so as not to appear out of nowhere with an air of inflamed criticism - and so firstly I want to offer my appreciation and admiration to the Twiizers Team for their clever work and useful software.

That having been said, I'm pulling my hair out because what seems to me the stupidest thing:

As lengthy and detailed the instructions are on the net for installing the HomeBrew Channel, there is a vital step which seems to have been completely disregarded/overlooked - and perhaps it is because there is some other factor that I'm not thinking off which is common knowledge to the remaining 99% of the gaming population, but this is the first time I've tried tinkering/hacking, and those instructions are aimed as though their meant for first-timers.

Let me just spit it out: It seems incredibly stupid to me that in the instructions for installing Batthaxx and Bootmii, it tells you, 'simply copy said files, load up wii, and copy batthax save of your region to wii (you will have to boot it at least once first, winky winky, hoi hoi hoi!! what could be simpler?!'

Well: How the hell DO you boot it the first time before copying it? It's assumed that a user knows how to do this. Why? It reminds me of when I was trying to get my first credit card at age 19; and every company demanded, "Well, have you had a credit card before?" My reply: "No." Their retort: "Well, you have to have a credit card before you get a credit card."

My thoughts: "Well, I wasn't born into this world with a credit card taped to my bare naked skin!"

I have tried everything to boot Batthax and it does not boot. There is nowhere on the wii system or on the sd card where I can boot it (only the saves which will not copy). The files are not compatible with any program on my pc, so I also don't see how it should be implied that the first boot is meant to take place before placing the sd card in the wii.

In either case, whatever the answer is, it's not explained at all in the instructions, (ie: "For directions on how to run first boot, see this page"), and it is just ASSUMED that the reader will know what to do.

I can't find anything on the net, especially not in the official release instructions, that provides the slightest hint as to how to achieve the alleged first boot.

Help? :D

Author:  wilsoff [ November 22nd, 2012, 1:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Require help booting BATHAXX for the FIRST time...

"How the hell DO you boot it the first time before copying it?"

It means you must load the Batman game at least once and create a saved game in the normal way. Once you've done that then you can start hacking.

The wii won't let you copy a save game to it unless a proper version of it has already been created by running the game.

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